"From Humble Beginnings to New Frontiers" - Founded in 2004 as Sai Creations, our firm embarked on a journey towards becoming the premier South Asian events and entertainment production house in the industry. Since that time, we have exceeded the high standards that we placed on ourselves and have achieved an unrivaled success: two award-winning films and multiple live concerts at some of the world’s most renowned venues.In order to more perfectly execute on our visionary foundation and encompass our expanding entertainment offering, Sai Creations had to become more than what it was founded to do. G Media Group was launched in 2019 to carry on the torch and build an entertainment legacy for a new world well into the future. We are confident, we will continue to find groundbreaking and innovative ways to entertain and delight our global audience.

Des Hoya Pardes

This film is set in Punjab during the period of unrest where terrorists with their dubious activities altered the notion of Punjab for a long time.. Post operation blue star Peace and fun loving people of Punjab went through a traumatic phase which changed their lives and their perceptions forever. One such case was that of an educated humble farmer Gurshan, to whom tilling his soil meant most, and that's what he did to run his little family comprising of his old mother and father, and a young bubbly sister Guddi. Surviving through the social unrest, the family saw some ups and downs and destiny added another member into their lives. Things started to look much brighter for this humble family and with time the old wounds healed and pains forgotten.

Des Hoya Pardes

'Waris Shah' is a tale of the legendary Sufi poet Warish Shah covering the period when he wrote the classic 'Heer'. The film is set in the early 18th Century where Aurangzeb is not there but his curb on music being played is still being followed by a group of Muslims rulers. Sufis continue to play music and sing as this they believe takes them closer to God. Gurdas Mann plays the role of the young musician Waris Shah who is a disciple of Baba Makhdoom (Mukesh Rishi). Baba Makhdoom is killed by the Muslim rulers because of playing music and he entrust Warish Shah with the job of writing ‘Heer’. Juhi Chawla and Divya Dutta are the 2 lead ladies in the film who fall in love with Waris Shah. Warish Shah is attracted towards Juhi Chawla, but has to sacrifice his love when she gets married to Sushant Singh. This pain inspires Warish Shah to write the great epic.

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